Number of registered planes in your airline : 27
TailsignVALeaserate /
ModelPlanetypeHrs VAhrs to
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# Pax
# Cargo
Max. Range nm
1985QFA7,083 F.VIIb Passenger Plane179.5243.7315016,915 YBBN3,500 nm
FLYER31QFA15,000 L45 Passenger Plane0.00100.00000 YSSYflyer312,004 nm
MPMIKEQFA15,000 LJ45 Passenger Plane9.2790.73301,711 KLASMPMike2,004 nm
VH-EAAQFA400,000 A340-200 Passenger Plane924.0477.45870419,860 KLAX8,000 nm
VH-EABQFA191,875 B752 Passenger Plane143.5629.5035047,194 KBOS3,900 nm
VH-EAEQFA77,084 CONSTELLATION Passenger Plane148.7289.7938034,940 YMMLflyer314,700 nm
VH-EDFQFA191,667 B752F Cargo Plane9.5583.45033,341 KSEA3,150 nm
VH-NJFQFA49,107 BA46F Cargo Plane175.0478.07010164,993 YBBN1,045 nm
VH-OGEQFA480,625 B772LR Passenger Plane5,582.1563.0731902,612,989 EIDW-9,380 nm
VH-OGIQFA336,458 B763 Passenger Plane662.7770.69990278,783 YBBN4,260 nm
VH-OJAQFA477,708 B744 Passenger Plane1,177.6550.901630516,367 LEVC-7,260 nm
VH-OJBQFA76,606 B742 Passenger Plane130.2461.8717058,359 KIND6,850 nm
VH-OJRQFA629,167 B748F Cargo Plane212.2364.1505692,697 EGLL5,000 nm
VH-OQAQFA687,500 A380-800 Passenger Plane1,939.3483.202030866,957 KMIA-8,500 nm
VH-OQBQFA687,500 A380-800 Passenger Plane895.4043.361080389,802 KBOS-8,500 nm
VH-QOHQFA56,250 Dash 8-400 Passenger Plane62.9764.9893016,016 YSCH-1,098 nm
VH-QPHQFA309,792 A330-300 Passenger Plane616.9632.781200247,774 KLAS-5,670 nm
VH-SBZQFA717 337 Skymaster Passenger Plane0.00100.00000 YMMB839 nm
VH-SUMQFA9,896 SH36 Passenger Plane62.5133.5041012,518 YBBN570 nm
VH-UQSQFA49 Cessna 152 Passenger Plane53.5145.492504,249 YWLM414 nm
VH-VQJQFA82,708 CRJ700 Passenger Plane42.9770.1317013,449 YMML-1,939 nm
VH-VXAQFA146,875 B738 Passenger Plane414.9071.491490143,471 KLAX-3,115 nm
VH-VXBQFA146,875 B738 Passenger Plane480.7443.632160159,851 YPPH-3,115 nm
VH-VXCQFA146,875 B738 Passenger Plane0.00100.00000 YBBN3,115 nm
VH-WRCQFA7,083 B350 Passenger Plane153.8655.56129039,671 KSTL1,800 nm
VH-XMOQFA147,843 B738F Cargo Plane340.7129.270130129,172 YMML-3,060 nm
VH-XQAQFA600,781 A225 Cargo Plane2,738.0291.8202081,164,522 EPWA-2,500 nm